Laser Hair Removal

Have you had enough of removing unwanted hair time and time again only for it to grow back twice as thick, causing skin irritation and in-growing hairs in the process? If so, our laser hair removal treatments are perfect for you. Our laser hair removal treatments offer a virtually pain free, permanent hair removal solution and will leave your skin hair free and silky.


Lose those unsightly Age Spots or sun damaged areas.

Red Veins

Your unsightly Red Veins can be treated quite easily with our IPL systems. In a lot of cases where the veins are not too numerous they disappear immediately.

Intensive Pulse Light (IPL) and Laser Therapy

Consultation (redeemable against first treatment) £20.00

IPL Vascular Lesions - facial thread vein; pigmentation, lesion removal; active acne; rosacea
From £75

IPL Hair Removal

Eyebrow £50.00

Full back £310.00

Chin £80.00

Upper lip £60.00

Upper lip and chin £110.00

Cheeks £75.00

Arms £175.00

Full face £140.00

Bikini £130.00

Underarms £110.00

Whole leg £380.00

Abdomen £120.00

Upper / Lower Leg £210.00